Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Decisions, decisions….

My hip is hurting a little bit today.  Should I practice and work through it?  Or should I take a day off?

Generally this wouldn’t be a question—I’d get home tonight, have dinner, maybe take a nice hot bath, then kick my feet up.  But my other half is going to be out so I’ve got the house to myself for a while—a nice opportunity to practice.  Plus, I know that I won’t get much, if any, mat time next week while we’re on vacation.

Decisions, decisions….

I had a nice restorative class last night focusing on unwinding those of us that are heavy computer users.  Nice arm and hand stretches; upper back openers; ending with a wonderfully long seated forward fold. 

Every class offers something:  “Remember how to be at ease in your body.”

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