Monday, June 10, 2013

Yoga in the Park

This weekend was the end of a state-wide health & yoga awareness week.  I like to think I did a decent job of taking advantage of all of the free classes that were offered—managing to get to six of them (including my regular Monday night class).  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have scheduled a staycation and staged my only little yoga retreat?...

The highlight was no doubt Saturday afternoon.  I dropped in on what used to be (and will be again) my regular Saturday morning class.  A very nice easy flow designed with one student in mind which was very thoughtful of the instructor.  Too bad that student showed up late and left early being very disruptive.  Seems he was “wrecked” and “dehydrated” -- sounded like code for hungover to me!  The disrespect not to be expected by a fifty-something adult.  Anyway….

Followed that class by a trip downtown.  We were early so made a trip through the farmer’s market and picked up some of the best sourdough bread.  Headed over to the park and found our spots.  For the next fifty minutes three of the best teachers around lead a pretty vigorous and invigorating practice.  At one point we were playing with arm balances and I managed to get both feet off the floor for crow.  Feet dropped and when I tried to get back into it I ate dirt!  OK, I didn’t really, but I overbalanced and fell forward in what was a complete mess of random arms and legs flailing around.  I had to laugh.  I can only imagine what it looked like to see over 100 people in tree pose under a bright blue sky!  I found myself smiling most of the time and the hour was over far too soon.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will be a regular event.

Every class offers something: Yoga outside.  It had crossed my mind briefly once or twice to move my home practice outside.  Now I’m definitely going to do it!  (as long as the wireless connection works for me)

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