Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Deliciously Achy

Last night I practiced at home.  I have a hard time being motivated to do anything—especially when the couch and kitties are calling my name.  But I laid my mat down and practiced.  Not only do I have a hard time getting going, I also have a hard time keeping moving.  The first down dog of the night almost did me in.  Not because I was tired or because I was uncomfortable, but because I was blah.

Fast forward 45 minutes and the last down dog of the class felt amazing!  My hamstrings were loose, my arms were strong, my back was wide….  It just felt right and for that I’m so glad I focused on each pose as it came and worked through my (lack of) attitude.

Today I’m deliciously achy.  I know I’ve done my body good and it’s done good things for me: a partnership.  Hmmmm….  Isn’t that a yoga thing?  The meeting of mind, body, and spirit?  Hey—check me out--sometimes I think I might just be getting this!

Tonight I think something good and juicy is in order.  Yin yoga.  The Other Half’s out of town so the night is mine (and the kitties).  Maybe 90 minutes?  That’s pushing my limit and I don’t know if I can—but why not try, right?

Every class offers something:  I don’t like wearing shorts while practicing.  I don’t like that behind my knees sweat and I can feel it.  It’s a distraction.  Cute yoga capris from now on!

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