Monday, June 17, 2013

Did it! (and cute cat picture)

I did it.  I did the 90 minute practice that I got in my mind last week.  Actually, I even out-did it.  The class I had in mind was a yin session—nice and quiet and juicy.  I stepped it up a notch and did a class that was yin/yang.  So one half was relaxing and calming and one half kicked my rear!  The biggest challenge for me is to move into child’s pose while everyone else is moving.  By moving into child’s pose I was able to reset—but I was also able to fully focus on what the teacher was doing.  Now, I know that popping from down dog straight into a handstand isn’t on my horizon (at least my near horizon!), but –oh!—it’s fun to watch!  It’s amazing to watch what a highly trained and strong body can do.  Beautiful.

Speaking of strong bodies....

There’s a teacher who is featured in many online yoga classes that I take.  She has an amazing body—lush, full, capable….  STRONG.  I’ve admired it since I first saw her.  It took me a few times watching her to figure out that her body is not that unsimilar to mine.  But here’s the deal—I would never have thought of using such positive words to describe myself.  Yoga is helping with this.  I finally put a word to it this weekend—accomplishment.  I can see my progress and that leads to a feeling of accomplishment with every class I take.

Every class offers something:  Savasana with my buddies is better than savasana without.

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