Friday, June 21, 2013

Aahhh.... Friday....


It’s been quite a week, but it’s going out on a high note.

I had two different yoga classes from which to choose Monday evening.  But I just couldn’t get going.  I didn’t feel physically bad—I just felt blah (again).  So I chose to skip both.  Tuesday evening I was going to meet a friend for an outdoor yoga class but the instructor was ill and the practice was cancelled at the last minute.  My friend and I spent the time walking around a beautiful park and solving the world’s problems.  I needed that—it might have been more restorative than a practice.  Sometimes life brings us what we need.

Wednesday I followed a yin/restorative/ayurvedic class at home.  It was soft and relaxing but not 100% fulfilling for some reason.  I never felt like I got deep into any pose and thus never found my edge.  I don’t regret the time I spent on the mat, though.

Now I find myself glowing from a wonderful home practice last night.  The class started with a flow that didn’t seem incredibly strenuous and I was surprised to find that I had broken quite a sweat.  It was followed by a fun sequence of standing balance poses—tree, dancer, and Eka Pada Utkatasana (Figure Four—I had to look that up).  I was pleased that I was able to hold the poses pretty well as standing balance poses are a challenge for me.

I followed Savasana with a nice long hot bath.  I’ll say it again:  ahhhhhh! 

As much as I didn’t want to wake up this morning, I got out of bed feeling very rested and very relaxed; open and (dare I say it?  It sounds kind of hokey….) joyful. 

Today I will honor my body by nourishing it well.  I will break my cycle of grabbing M&Ms in the afternoon.  They’re not even peanut M&Ms, so what’s the point????  ; )

Every class offers something:  During my Wednesday practice I found myself melting into a seated forward fold.  I was comfortable and loose—it felt great.  Then it hit me—I was in a pain-free forward fold!  How thankful I am for that.

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