Monday, August 26, 2013

Bright Light

So something weird happened. Something… unexplainable.
My grandma recently had some scans done. The fear was that cancer had metastasized and invaded her liver and kidneys. I found out that she’d had the tests done on Friday night. Saturday morning is my usual class. I was focused on my intention – health: my health, her health, the health of those around me that need the thought. My practice wasn’t anything out of the norm. I bent and stretched. Some asanas were comfortable and some weren’t accessible. It happens. But during Savasana I very clearly saw me sitting in easy pose and my grandma sitting across from me. Here’s the strange part: both of us were radiating light from our cores. Blinding light. I felt like I was healing her; like I sent health to her; like my intention found its focus. The great news is that the scans came back clear – no cancer in the organs. Coincidence? Who knows? But it makes me feel good to think I might have been just a little helpful. Since then my intention has been to send thanks to the universe.