Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Number One

I keep thinking that I need to start a yoga journal.  But I haven’t done more than think about it—until now.

I’m about 2ish years (more off than on) into yoga and I’ve caught the bug.  I realized this when the physical therapist told me I couldn’t practice for a couple of weeks and I was seriously bummed.  Now, given that I’ve prayed for a health care provider to tell me I wasn’t allowed to exercise this is a big revelation.  That, and (typically) I’m starting to obsess, means I’m smitten

There seems to be a lot to cover in the first entry—what type I like most (I think yin); favorite poses (happy baby—for now); which ones I like the least (shoulder stands); what I’m learning, doing, feeling….  I suppose I don’t have to address this all right here, right now.

Idaho’s governor has declared this week to be Idaho Health & Yoga Awareness week so there are a lot of free classes being offered all over town.  I’ve got my calendar full.  Last night was a level 1/2 hatha yoga class at Muse Yoga.  Honestly, it about killed me.  But in a good way.  From it, I’ve determined that I sit pretty securely at a level 3/4.  Not a three-slash-four, but a level three-quarters.  Tonight is a beginning Iyengar at Boise Yoga Center.  I’m excited about this because it sounds like Iyengar isn’t as face-paced but rather focuses on the precision.  With my natural lack of fast twitch muscle fibers, it could be a good match.

Every class offers something: While in reclining pigeon shift your weight slightly to the side with the leg that you've got your hands around.  Enables a deeper stretch to the rear.

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