Thursday, June 13, 2013


When I got home last night I was STARVING.  And aware enough to know that it would be a distraction through practice.  So I grilled some chicken and made a nice salad.  Watched a little TV and didn’t leave myself time enough for 90 minutes of anything. 

So I didn’t do 90 minutes of yin.  Because I’m trying to be more forgiving with myself, I feel good about doing a nice 60-minute class.  But because I’m not 100% successful in forgetting what I said I’d do I’ve made a deal with myself to do 90 minutes soon—this weekend, maybe.

As expected the class was juicy and wonderful and I felt great after.  During one of the first forward bends I might have actually dozed off.  Is that possible?  The teacher quit talking and sat quietly in the pose.  And I was just that comfortable.  It’s definitely a pose that I’ll do randomly and often.

I’m tired today.  No coffee this morning and I haven’t made up for it.  To yoga or not to yoga, that is the question.

Every class offers something:  supported Head-to-Knee Forward Bend, Janu Sirsasana, is an amazing lower back opener.  I thought it would be a great stretch for my hamstrings but by using support under the body forehead the lower back has the chance to leeeengthen.  Yum.

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