Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Confession Time

Confession time: sometimes yoga makes me feel bad about myself. 


There, I said it.


As my practice progresses and my asanas get deeper and stronger I have started to feel my body get in the way.  I know I could get further into a seated forward fold if my tummy weren’t so big.  I know I could bind Marichyasana I if my waist wasn’t so wide.  I can’t even get my rear on my heels in Child’s Pose because I’ve got beefy calves and thighs.  Sigh.  Even the most relaxing of poses is now causing me stress.


Not very yogic of me, I know.


How do I get over this?  Besides dropping 20 pounds, how do I get past it?


I do recognize the upside to this: I have progressed enough that I’m at this point.  I also recognize a new drive in me to do better and achieve more.  I want to be proud of what I can do – and I know that it’s within my range if….


So I’m at a crossroads.  The eternal struggle to lose weight is still present.  But I want/need to find peace again with my yoga practice.