Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life Seems to Get in the Way

I haven’t been practicing much.  Life seems to get in the way.

Last week I had a terrible stomach bug.  Saturday morning I felt well enough to go to my regular class.  I was nervous but for no reason.  I did well; my practice was fulfilling and I left happier than I’d been in a week.  It’s nice that I’ve gotten to the point where I’m OK with settling into Child’s pose if I need to; not judging myself is liberating.

I still remember the class I had after my last post.  Again, I was nervous because I hadn’t been on my mat in some time.  That class was fantastic!  It was warmer (but not hot) so I think that helped me.  I sank deeper into so many poses and they felt soooo good.  Even my teacher commented on the deepness that I’ve been able to access.  I was easily able to get my right hand on the ground for Revolved Triangle.

That said, I’m still working through my injury; still babying it.  It’s time to start pushing just a tiny bit so that I’m more equal on both sides.

I have things I want to do.  Yoga things.  Aerial yoga is at the top of the list.  There’s one studio here that offers it twice a week: once on Monday nights and again on Tuesday evenings.  Monday is my regular class so Tuesday it is.  I’ll have to leave work a little early to get there on time.  Maybe next week if the stars align. 

There’s a week in October that’s going to be split between days in Las Vegas and days at a resort just outside of Vegas.  I would LOVE to find some opportunities to practice while in Vegas.  I think it will be a good antidote from everything that Vegas is.

Every class offers something:  Time away from my mat should neither intimidate me nor deter me from practicing.

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